WinMEnc is the free GUI frontend of mencoder. It can convert any media format to the AVI file with the format of mpeg1/mpeg2/DivX/Xvid/H264, etc. This blog is to publish the official release and news about WinMEnc and also receive any comments from the end users.

PSP Update for WinMEnc 0.61

| Aug 11, 2006
Here is the PSP update for WinMEnc 0.61 and request public testing. It can encode MP4/AVC for PSP. Extract the zip file under WinMEnc directory. There is a number of profiles named with leading string as [PSP MP4] or [PSP AVC].

I have already encoded three videos, and can be downloaded at the below links for your testing.

DIVX 29.97fps + 24kHz LC-AAC

XVID 14.98fps + 24kHz LC-AAC

H264 29.97fps + 48kHz LC-AAC

Please test the videos and reply me the result on different PSP firmwares.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a great app, and I see you even have psp PMP support. Do you think that you could add in PMP-mod AVC in your next version?


yawoogle said...

In fact, there is already a winmenc package built by other chinese guy, which support PMP-AVC. You may take a try. The GUI is set as chinese initially, you have to config it back to English interface yourself.


Carlos said...

Where's de mencoder.exe and mplayer.exe????

Anonymous said...

Hi do nyone know how to rotate the whole video 90 percent clockwise long with the subtitle. I tried :"rotate=1" and "expand=::::1,rotate=1" , but they don't help the latter one will create 2 subtitle one that is rotated another that is not. Help

Anonymous said...

Is it diferrent?

File size is not same...

(Sorry, my English is just a littl...:)


Anonymous said...

I have tried to download the files, but no luck. Where else can I find them?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, the link provided is not working anymore, any other link can be use? Thanks!

Vibgyor said...

Is this opensource? I wonder if this software can be made into a portable version.

Anonymous said...

Hey,can not download for update pmp please email TO


Anonymous said...

Can not download anything file,
please fix it, thank you

yawoogle said...

WinMEnc 0.7 will be released a few days later. Hope that it will solve all the problems mentioned above.

ooofest said...

Thanks yawoogle - look forward to your update.

Anonymous said...


Hi your WinMenc is a good tool indeed; but I found a bug, may be you guys can check it.

I have tried to combine the *.srt with *.avi in Traditional Chinese many times via different parameter and their combination but never succeed. Also I have verified the same *.srt & *.avi thru Win Media Player & VobSub without problem.

Since I have found some people said they have successful experience to do the similar job; so I am doubt the bug appears only in one version of your program. I am using WinMenc 0.61 K7 ver, had tried with MINGLIU.TTC & ARIALUNI.TTF under CP950 & "Unicode"; just for your ref.

Thanks in advance,

Hunt Chang

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mutsu said...

Dear yawoogle,

I'm very interesting in your WinMEnc program because it has the ability to batch proses many files at once.

I'm in a need to extract subtitle only (.ass/.saa/.srt) from lots of avi files, and I wonder is there any way to use your program to do that?

Please help me with this, Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

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Hieu Nguyen Ngoc said...

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