WinMEnc is the free GUI frontend of mencoder. It can convert any media format to the AVI file with the format of mpeg1/mpeg2/DivX/Xvid/H264, etc. This blog is to publish the official release and news about WinMEnc and also receive any comments from the end users.

PSP Update for WinMEnc 0.61

| Aug 11, 2006
Here is the PSP update for WinMEnc 0.61 and request public testing. It can encode MP4/AVC for PSP. Extract the zip file under WinMEnc directory. There is a number of profiles named with leading string as [PSP MP4] or [PSP AVC].

I have already encoded three videos, and can be downloaded at the below links for your testing.

DIVX 29.97fps + 24kHz LC-AAC

XVID 14.98fps + 24kHz LC-AAC

H264 29.97fps + 48kHz LC-AAC

Please test the videos and reply me the result on different PSP firmwares.

WinMEnc 0.61 beta released

| Apr 3, 2006
WinMEnc is the free Windows GUI of mencoder. It can encode from any media formats (AVI, VCD, DVD, rm/rmvb, MP4, etc) to the AVI file with the format of MPEG1/MPEG2/DivX/Xvid/H264, etc. With the help of mp4 muxer, such as, mp4creator or mp4box, it can produces mp4 file also. Mencoder is the powerful commnand-line video/audio encoder and it do not need any codecs installed in Windows. This GUI can provide a convenient way to use mencoder without complex commands, and is suitable to produce the media output for any player devices, PDA, iPod, PSP(PMP/AVI), DVD player, MP4 player, etc.

Package Installation:
1. Depend on your CPU, download only one package from below links and extract it.
2. Run "winmenc.exe"


Manual Installation:
1. Download winmenc zip file from below links and extract it.

2. Depend on your CPU, download one set of mplayer/mencoder binary file from the below link and extract it to the same directory.

3. Download Windows essential code package from below link and extract to the same directory.

4. If you need to produce MP4 or PMP(PSP) format, please download the following programs and extract to the same directory.

5. Run "winmenc.exe"