WinMEnc is the free GUI frontend of mencoder. It can convert any media format to the AVI file with the format of mpeg1/mpeg2/DivX/Xvid/H264, etc. This blog is to publish the official release and news about WinMEnc and also receive any comments from the end users.

WinMEnc 0.70 beta released

| Jul 1, 2007
Package Installation:
1. Download one package from below links and extract it.
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2. Run "winmenc.exe"

Manual Installation:
1. Download 7z file from one of below links and extract it.

2. Depend on your CPU or runtime CPU detection version, download one set of mplayer/mencoder binary file from the below link and extract it to the same directory. (Please use package installation, if you need PMP support)

3. Download Windows essential code package from below link and extract to under "codecs" directory.

4. If you need to produce MP4 or PMP(PSP) format, please download the following programs and extract to the same directory.
mpeg4iptools by celtic_druid
pmp_muxer_avc by cooleyes@cngba

5. Run "winmenc.exe"


Changed Log:
0.70 build-070701
Fixed: reading DVD info: NTSC disc, DVD without subtitle or more than 9 subtitles, and audio stream (new format)
Added: use "-of mpeg" to handle MPEG video encoding and video copying
Changed: newly built mencoder with x264 pictiming (PSP), realplayer 10 decoder (drvc.dll) and multi-threading
Added: quality-based encoding, in addition to bitrate-based
Added: vbr encoding for MP3
Added: PSP profiles for PMP-AVC, 480x272 and 720x480 MP4-AVC
Changed: quick load profile selection
Added: inverse telecine filter filmdint
Fixed: AAC object type numbering changed
Added: separated language profile english.ini
Added: reading DVD info timeout option
Added: #STATUS# comment to all external command batch for showing job status
Added: pre-command for video filter parameter
Added: real-time job status showing in GUI
Added: multi-threading in video encoding
Added: Display/Pixel aspect ratio in video encoding
Changed: "external command" to "output format"