WinMEnc is the free GUI frontend of mencoder. It can convert any media format to the AVI file with the format of mpeg1/mpeg2/DivX/Xvid/H264, etc. This blog is to publish the official release and news about WinMEnc and also receive any comments from the end users.

PSP Update for WinMEnc 0.61

| Aug 11, 2006
Here is the PSP update for WinMEnc 0.61 and request public testing. It can encode MP4/AVC for PSP. Extract the zip file under WinMEnc directory. There is a number of profiles named with leading string as [PSP MP4] or [PSP AVC].

I have already encoded three videos, and can be downloaded at the below links for your testing.

DIVX 29.97fps + 24kHz LC-AAC

XVID 14.98fps + 24kHz LC-AAC

H264 29.97fps + 48kHz LC-AAC

Please test the videos and reply me the result on different PSP firmwares.